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Aussie Pet Mobile South Sound


Do you want a clean pet without all the hassle?

With Aussie Pet Mobile, you’ll receive an exceptional grooming experience without leaving the comfort of your home.

Aussie Pet Mobile is a quality pet grooming service that offers an exceptional full service grooming experience for your pets in a stress free environment in full comfort and safety right in your driveway. Your pet is part of the family, and should be treated as such. That’s why we never use cages, kennel dryers or harsh chemicals during the grooming process. We use products that are environmentally friendly and bring a highly organized, professional approach to animal grooming.

We pride ourselves on our innovative mobile design, heated hydro-bath, and our Aussie Pet Mobile grooming service which assures that your pet has a complete and comfortable experience every time.

Dog Getting Nails TrimmedDog Getting HaircutFemale Groomer With Dog

Aussie Pet Mobile – South Sound offers a comprehensive 15 step cleaning for most breeds of Cats and Dogs up to 100lbs depending on the pets health and limitations. Every pet gets a customized grooming experience after the groomer and pet parent evaluate the pets needs. The pets are groomed fully in our self-contained mobile grooming salon.  We thoroughly shampoo and rinse every pet. After the pet is dried by hand and fully brushed, we trim your pet’s sanitary area and paw pads.  We will also clean their eyes and ears and trim their nails. With a final brush and fluff out, a little fragrance and a treat, we bring your pet right back to your front door. It’s almost as if they never left! For a complete breakdown of the cleaning process, give us a call or make an appointment!